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Curriculum planning

Transition for pupils with SEND

We consider each pupil as an individual. With that in mind, we monitor SEND pupil's academic levels, and interpersonal skills and ensure that the curriculum is appropriate for their needs. We will always aim to include pupils in the whole Farnborough Academy experience and with that in mind, we aim to empower teaching staff to differentiate for these pupils in order to ensure they are fully included in the Farnborough Academy education. In order to support this, the department offers training to teachers and regularly communicates information to teaching staff.
We use Learning Support Assistants in classrooms to enhance the learning of those that need additional help and these teaching assistants will communicate closely with the classroom teacher. Their support may involve generating specific resources, prompting pupils to focus in lessons and ensuring that activities are manageable whilst also encouraging independent learning skills.
However, if we feel that a pupil's needs cannot be met in a classroom with enhanced differentiation and teaching assistant help, we consider alternative options. These options are always individualised.

Key Stage 2 to 3 Transition

We understand that transition from primary to secondary education can be overwhelming for pupils and their parents. With that in mind, we are always happy to show any perspective parents around our school and faculty and offer the opportunity to ask any important questions that may impact on your decision. We aim to offer as much support and guidance for SEND transition as we can. Each pupil will have a personalised transition plan which is appropriate for his or her individual needs. This is likely to involve additional visits to The Farnborough Academy to experience the school at different times of the day, parental meetings and primary school visits. We also aim to attend any Annual Reviews for pupils joining us so we are able to plan support accordingly. Once our pupils start in year 7, we will continue to support and monitor their progress, regularly communicating this information to parents.

Key Stage 3

The Farnborough Academy offer a range of specific interventions for Key Stage 3 pupils. These include a nurture tutor group and additional literacy (including reading) and numeracy support. If we consider that it would be appropriate to follow an alternative curriculum pathway for a pupil, we will always communicate this to parents or carers and take their views into account. We also offer a homework club and extra-curricular provisions before and after school, at break times and lunch times.

Key Stage 3 to 4 Transition

Selecting the right options for Key Stage 4 is exciting but can also cause some anxiety, therefore we aim to offer as much support as needed for this process. This may involve additional conversations with pupils; parents and teachers to ensure each child will fulfil their dreams. The Farnborough Academy is committed to offering a range of subject options that will play to the strengths of our pupils. At this stage, we also look into whether a pupil is likely to need additional support for exams through Exams Access Arrangements. This may include additional time, use of a word processor, reader or a scribe. In order to a pupil to qualify for this support, they will need to be formally assessed. If a pupil does qualify, this will become their 'normal way of working' for all lessons. Pupils are identified for assessment through teacher reports, past data and referrals.

Key Stage 4

Pupils at The Farnborough Academy will continue to get support through Key Stage 4 if needed. This may involve personalised curriculums, 1:1 sessions or in class support.
Throughout Key Stage 4, advice to pupils about revision techniques and provide small group catch up sessions to aid with individual subjects.
We will also offer advice to pupils and parents when thinking about work experience and the transition to further education.