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A New Term – A New Year

It’s been good to have all the pupils back in the academy. There have been many smiling faces and a general happiness around the place. The focus has been on starting as we mean to go on and pupils have been purposeful in all their lessons.

Assemblies were led by Mrs Hallam last week and myself this week. Pupils have been encouraged to work hard in order to achieve extraordinary things. I am a firm believer that it is hard work that makes the difference. A little extra effort goes a long way and will open many more doorways.

I have also delivered assemblies at The Milford Academy, The Glapton Academy, Whitegate, Highbank and Dovecote this week. I really do enjoy visiting our feeder primaries and meeting the next generation of Farnborough pupils. Many of the children I spoke to are so excited about coming to Farnborough and starting the next stage of their education.

Next Wednesday evening (23/9/15) we open the doors of the academy to visitors. It is an opportunity for all those involved in choosing a secondary school in the near future to come and see what Farnborough has to offer. I’m looking forward to welcoming everyone. Something special is happening here and we are keen to share the message with everyone.