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Jermaine Jenas Presents.....

“Pupils’ Oscars” to Clifton Schoolchildren


The new “Clifton Awards” was organized by The Trent Academies Group in partnership with Jermaine’s company, Aquinas Education, to celebrate the achievements of young people in the area.

Clifton is where Match of the Day pundit and former England player Jermaine grew up.

Teachers at the Farnborough Academy and 5 Clifton primaries nominated pupils to receive awards in 3 categories: academic, sport and performing arts. A boy and girl winner from each year between years 5 and 8 was announced in each category as well as overall winners.

Hundreds of parents attended the ceremony to see the 9-13 year olds presented with medals and certificates by Jermaine and Ms Greenwood, MP for Nottingham South and Shadow Secretary of State for Transport. The overall winner in each category also received a trophy.

Jermaine said: “There are great things happening in Clifton now. Since the Trent Academies Group became involved at Farnborough, the school has been going from strength to strength and creating strong links with its feeder schools. The future is bright for pupils in Clifton. With this event we wanted to recognize their amazing potential and encourage them to aim high.”

Phil Crompton, CEO of the Trent Academies Group, said: “Getting a high profile award at this age can have a huge impact on a child. It can form one of their most special memories and help to shape the person they will become. The awards have created some real feel good factor in Clifton, and shown its young people if they work hard and always try their best they can achieve their dreams.”

Evie Booth aged 11 was the overall winner of the Girls’academic award.

She said: “ I am so pleased. I hope I’ve made my mum and dad proud “


Klaudio Marqeshi aged 12 was the overall winner of the performance category for Y7 Boys. He said “ I feel inspired. It’s great to be told you’ve dome something well.”

The award ceremony, which took place at The Farnborough Academy, was hosted by its headteacher, Ben Chaloner.

He said: “ What a night. Jermaine started the evening by saying how proud he was to be a “ Cliftoner” and that struck a chord. And the fact that Lilian managed to join us despite a lot of reasons why she really couldn’t said a lot too. A great night for Clifton. So much talent in the area.They can do great things.