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History of Clifton Estate

A search for family photos for school project.

22 GCSE Photography and Fine Art students from Farnbourgh Academy, Clifton are working with artist Katherine Green www.katherinegreen.co.uk
to explore and document the social history of Clifton, positively capturing the community, people, places through photography and interviews.

The students are searching for family photos of Clifton Estate over the years, to include in their project and an exhibition that they are creating.

The project is part of Creative Connections, a partnership between National Portrait Gallery, London, Nottingham Contemporary and The Farnborough Academy, Clifton.

This collection of material will form part of an exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary over the summer, and then at the National Portrait Gallery in the Autumn. Each young person will also produce a book of photographs.

In addition to collecting family photographs, we are looking for members of the community to be involved and for people and places to photograph, people to talk to.

Participants who are photographed will receive a copy of a photograph, as well as an invite to the exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary.

The project will be taking during April 2017.

For information please see Creative Connections website:

To contribute photos or if you’re interested in participating in the project, please contact:

Amanda Spruyt, Learning Team, Nottingham Contemporary,
0115 948 9788 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Katherine Green, artist
07939 125 881,