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Autism support for parents

Established in May 2017, we are a group of parents/ carers for children on the autistic spectrum. We meet monthly on a Friday evening in Wollaton to offer support and share advice. We are here for parents and carers at all stages of their journey, whether you have a child with a diagnosis or not (as we understand the process of getting an assessment/ diagnosis can be a lonely one).
To date we have 30 members from Wollaton and the surrounding areas with children in both special and mainstream schools. We have a Whatsapp group, where people share information and advice and offer support. Many new connections and friendships have been made for both adults and children and there are now regular or one-off activities which are open to all. We have started to work alongside some schools and members support each other with school meetings as we believe supportive and positive relationships between school staff and families are always in the best interests of our children.